In addition to performance-based work, educational outreach plans include master classes with professional Black ballet dancers; panel discussions about the state of the arts in Black society as well as about the creative process of the newly created works; and demonstrations and lectures at potential partner organizations throughout New York City.


Presented by The Black Iris Project, MADIBA is a celebration of the life of one of the most influential peace activists in history through the language of dance.  Through interactive lessons incorporating physical movement, dialogue, literacy, and a live performance by renowned professional dancers, students will learn about the inspiring life of Nelson Mandela and the fight for civil rights and equality.  Students will learn about dance history and be taught dance steps from MADIBA, while being taken on a journey through South Africa and the American South during times of turmoil.  Students will also be guided in methods for collaborative storytelling through dance and choreography.  To work for peace and community in today's society is essential.  The Black Iris Project believes that the performing arts, at its' core, is a form of community building.  The MADIBA curriculum is one which fosters creativity, empowerment, and encourages activism and teamwork.