An artist/athlete and a dancer/choreographer join artistic forces to create a unique collaboration for The Black Iris Project. The Black Iris Project's Artistic Director, Jeremy McQueen, has brought emerging Black artist Jon Moody on board as the visual artist for the "Brown Baby" portion of the project. Jon will produce a visual back drop for "Brown Baby", a new ballet inspired by the journey of Black model Beatrice Reynolds Cox. 

Jon Moody is an athlete an artist who does exceptional portraits while breaking barriers through artistic expressions by bringing awareness social, economical, and global issues. Moody's goal is to not only inspire athletes but everyone to become global ambassadors for change. He's brought his artistic contributions to places such as the White House and even can be found on the hit TV show Empire. Jon's mission not only aligns with The BIP but brings a great visual for all to enjoy. 

The Black Iris Project is thrilled to introduce Jon Moody and we look forward to sharing this dynamic collaboration with you.

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