The LETTERS OF LOVE workshop is a continuation of a 2017 Mother’s Day letter writing campaign developed by the Campaign for Black Male Achievement and Mothers Against Police Brutality and is a letter-writing campaign to women who have lost their children -- both sons and daughters -- to police or state violence. We are calling on you to use the power of your pen and uplift our extended mothers with words of affection, appreciation, and support to ensure they are blanketed with love from their extended families across the nation. Each letter we receive will be delivered to a mother who's experienced such a loss, and select letters will be incorporated into future performances of Jeremy McQueen’s A Mother's Rite ballet.

To submit a letter by snail mail, please mail letters to:

The Black Iris Project 2214 Frederick Douglass Blvd., #161,  New York, NY 10026

To submit a  letter electronically, please fill out the following form.

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Letter of Love