"A dancer’s mission…


Ever since the beginning of time, dance has been one of the most important aspects of African culture. Dance was used to tell stories, to teach social patterns, for healing purposes, for attracting a mate, for recalling history and to express spirituality. Those reasons for dance did not change even after Africans were violently removed from their homeland and forced into slavery throughout the world. Dances may have changed in style over the years but the foundation is still Africa and the messages can still be found in the movements. I have always had a fondness for dance and I used to be a hip-hop/house dancer in my younger years. Consequently, when I got a message from dancer/choreographer, Jeremy McQueen about featuring him and the positive things he hopes to accomplish, including putting together a production based on Nelson Mandela called “Madiba” as well as trying to get more Black youth interested in ballet, I was more than happy to interview him. "

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